The mattress guarantees the restful sleep that you need to thrive. It offers outstanding support but has a soft, comfortable surface, making suitable for all body types and sleepers. Built with Air Plus Foam™ technology, the mattress molds itself to the shape of your body and quickly adjusts when you move. It relieves pressure points at the hips and shoulders, aligns the spine and provides support to the back. It’s as close as you’ll get to sleeping on clouds. The open cell structure and N-Cooler™ technology of the mattress cover wicks away your body heat, leaving you cool all night. It also has Ultra-Support Foam™ that has zero sinkage for 20 years.

Our return & refund policy and 20 year warranty get you 100% satisfied!

Still hesitant? Try our FREE sleep trial. We deliver you our mattress to you for a free trial for 20 days. You can experience it first before paying, just like shopping in a mattress store.

Shop this: 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress – Price $399

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