Up for Sale is a 1967 VW 21 Window/ Rag-top, running in excellent condition, that was restore. The VW Bus was, NOT BORN A TRUE VW 21 Window. It was Converted into a VW 21 Window/Rag-top. A job well done.

Listed below will be all of the New Parts. Or Rebuilt Parts, that were installed on the VW Bus. I would encourage you to Please Check with the Classic Insurance Co. For the Stated Value of this Vehicle. The Appraisal Value came in at $130,000. With that being said, your investment is value at twice the cost of buying it. These Vehicles are only going to continue to Increase in Value in time. Having this vehicle, in your garage is better than, Money in the Bank or having your money in the Stock Market. The VW Bus was, NOT BORN A TRUE VW 21 Window. It was converted into a VW 21 Window/Rag-top. This is a True German Bus, not a Brazilian Bus., A true VW 21 Window would be sold at above $248,000.

Beware of other Sellers that claim that, they have a True 21 Window, but cannot produce the necessary proof, like Vin# , M-Plate and a True Birth Certificate from the manufacture . Please check the details that were taken to bring this Bus to its glory, all the safety features, like the brakes proper steering , new electrical , Head Liner, Seats, Safari Windows .

There was over 250 New Parts added to this Bus. And we have documentation to prove it. ( This is not a painted pig.) Below is going to be a list of all New or Restored Parts that were added to the VW Bus. Please remember that, this is still, a 50 year old bus, please check and maintain your vehicle prior to its use. So you can have a fun and joyful time with your bus.