• $49000

If you’ve ever imagined yourself driving a 60s muscle car with all they had to offer and more, this is it! It doesn’t get better than this. All this car needs is a driver, a new home. I cared and loved the car with all I had. I spent numerous hours, days, researching and restoring it. I better leave my bank account out of this as I really don’t want to think about how much money I really spent to bring the car to it’s today’s appearance and performance. It was a learning curve. Came with lots of headaches, figuring things out, but at the end it all paid off. Lots of money were spent on the build, but if you want to get it right, there are no shortcuts. I was approached to have the car in a magazine few times and also featured in a show in L.A. I never accepted as I built the car for myself to enjoy it, not to show off. It’s a fast car. I had 3 people inside and it was spinning tires in the 4th gear. It’s a very fast car, yet and easy car to drive. I’ll refuse to sell this car to any kid that just wants to show off and will end up totaling the car, no matter how much do they offer. This car is about the Camaro legacy, not about the numbers. You see lots off protouring cars, they are way too far from the originals. This car should end up with an owner who truly appreciates the american muscle and will keep the legacy going.boardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboard

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