• $54000

1981 DeLorean DMC-12


Live the Dream, with all the trimmings, and then some…

For those of you that think the early DeLoreans are somehow special, I was there at the beginning, and no, they are not, rather they are all ‘prototypes’.  Any car with black interior and a gas cap door in the hood is referred to metaphorically as an ‘oldie but goodie’, nice to look at, but don’t buy one.  As the car matured, the gas cap door went away, and the more stylish gray interior was introduced.

Some vehicles have received more love than others, but likely none more than this one.

It is a very long list, and if you are not a car person, and just looking for a DeLorean to own a piece of automotive history, maybe just skip this narrative.

Even midway into production, as this vehicle was (4338 out of approx. 9000 total produced in year 1), much of the car was still untested, and unproven.

Arguably, better than new …