Up for sale is a beautiful military designed vehicle made by German engineering and everyday driving. This G-WAGON has been around for over 10+ years and hasn’t changed one bit.

 I have re-designed this vehicle and updated it’s look to an AMG by me and my own shop, not by ANYBODY else. I have completely installed brand new G63 AMG parts only. Also includes a BRABUS front spoiler. This car is major head-turner and is noticeable from miles away… Anybody who is car enthusiast knows what this car is capable of and it’s value. This car keep’s its value and depreciates very slowly.  This car is ideal for both everyday driving or off-roading (4×4) As for as SUV’s go, the G-Wagon’s are number one without a doubt. It also has an updated navigation system with a subwoofer for extra bass. Includes 22″ AMG rims and other tons of extra. I have washed this puppy twice a week + maintained within the time frame I had it. This car is going to be hard to let go. It’s time for the next owner to have some fun/fame with it. At end of the day, it’s mean aggressive look speak’s for itself.

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