• $235

Jay Schmetz ORIGINAL OIL Painting 18″ x 24″ African Grey Surfing Lark Art


Jay Schmetz   “A Perfect Moment'”   18″ high x 24″ wide   Original Oil Painting on Stretched Canvas   This terrific painting can be seen in the Lark Art gallery, in Sedona, Arizona.

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Jay Schmetz has found the perfect way to combine his two loves . . . animals and art.  His years of rescuing and caring for animals have brought him a deep understanding of them and their heartfelt emotions.  As a gifted artist, Jay has been able to share that understanding with us through his paintings.  While Jay has achieved international recognition for his art through prints of his paintings, we are most pleased to offer this original oil painting.  We have represented Jay’s original paintings since we first opened our gallery and are now making them available to our eBay collectors as well.  If you have been searching for a heartwarming, original Schmetz painting, this parrot surfing might just end your quest . . .board