• $2495

The item up for sale is a spectacular and bold Original Oil Painting by Howes, that was originally purchased for thousands more than our asking price.  As an artist, Jerome Howes is forever famous for the color, creativity, passion and many other ideals that his images reflect.  And, of all Howes’s masterpieces, often his most desired images are renderings of Cape Cod like the one here featuring the portrait of sailboats at sea which gives the viewer a sneak peek at his rare vision, values and desires.  It is an original painting titled, “The Catboats in Cape Cod” that looks absolutely spectacular in person with the amazing, custom and high-quality moulding enhancing this incredible imagery.  Additionally it is being sold with the Submit Best Offer option so name your price now.  Because, at this incredible value, it won’t be around long and the first person that meets our bottom line will be the lucky new owner.  


Jerome Howes (B. 1955) – A Cape Codder who grew up with a respect and appreciation for art as his dad was a dealer and collector.  Howes was primarily self-taught but quickly gained a following on Cape Cod and Nantucket.  He has always remained true to his native land as his primary subjects are sailing ships and oceans.  Today Howes is considered one of the greatest marine painters of the 20th century and his art is part of many esteemed collections.