Product Features

A study tool companion to your textbook or eBook
Makes your study time more efficient by focusing on the topics you where need the most help
Proven to help students earn a better grade in their courses

Product description

Not only does Introduction to Managerial Accounting explain managerial accounting concepts in an understandable and concise way, but it also asks you to consider how the concepts you’re learning will apply to the real world situations you will eventually confront in your careers. (The text avoids advanced topics related to cost accounting.) This sixth edition has been updated to incorporate new technology offerings to help better explain and illustrate complex accounting concepts.

What is LearnSmart?
LearnSmart is a digital adaptive learning platform that guides you through your course efficiently by prioritizing the important material. As you read your book, it helps you understand the topics you know, and then shows you what you still need to learn. It’ll ask you some questions to help you identify gaps, and prompt you to re-learn them.

Why LearnSmart?
Students who use LearnSmart are 35% more likely to complete their class. 13% more likely to pass their class. and have been proven to improve their performance by a full letter grade.

How does Learnsmart work?
LearnSmart uses revolutionary adaptive technology to build a learning experience unique to each student’s individual needs. It starts by identifying the topics a student knows and does not know. As the student progresses, LearnSmart adapts and adjusts the content based on his or her individual strengths, weaknesses and confidence, ensuring that every minute spent studying with LearnSmart is the most efficient and productive study time possible.
LearnSmart also takes into account that everyone will forget a certain amount of material. LearnSmart pinpoints areas that a student is most likely to forget and encourages periodic review to ensure that the knowledge is truly learned and retained. In this way, LearnSmart goes beyond simply getting students to memorize material – it helps them truly retain the material in their long term memory.