Holiday Candle Trio Set: This limited edition set captures all the scents of the season in a new size.

Let 4.5 ounces each of Holiday, Birchwood Pine and Hearth tell the story of a beautiful holiday scene.

About Nest Fragrances: In the fall of 2008, respected home fragrance expert Laura Slatkin introduced Nest Fragrances. The collection includes stylish and fragrant candles, reed diffusers, guest soaps, and more that earned devoted fans and critical acclaim. Just one year after its launch, Nest received the FiFi Award for Interior Scent Collection of the Year — the highest award of the fragrance industry. In chic packaging that speaks to Slatkin’s impeccable sense of style, Nest Fragrances caters to those who want to enhance their everyday lives and environments with the essence of sophistication and beauty through fragrance.boardboardboardboardboard

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