Soludos Cuisee De Grenouille Surf Womens Slippers

Surf’s Up!
Founded by 2 Parisian brothers, Cuisse de Grenouille produces a range of boardshorts, tees and sweatshirts infused with modern details for the urban surfer. Founders Séverin and Lucas draw heavily on surf culture in the 50’s for their inspiration and use only the highest quality raw materials and European producers. They fell in love with their cotton sweatshirts embroidered with textured terry cloth letters spelling out ‘Surf in Paris’ and used these as the basis for our collaboration.
Available for both men and women, the capsule collection uses the same terry cloth to embroider ‘Surf’ in 2 different colorways.

Soludos Cuisee De Grenouille Surf Womens Slippers

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