TUCK AND COMPLETELY HIDE BAR STOOL UNDER YOUR COUNTER TOP: With a straight leg design that doesn’t extend past the padded seat, these counter height stools can be properly stored under your bar furniture when you’re not using them. Great addition to your breakfast table when you have some unexpected guests stop by (parents, we’re talking about you) Whether you have 1 barstool or a barstool set of 3, saving space in the kitchen is always a win.
STAY COMFORTABLE SITTING FOR HOURS: With a 2.5-inch thick cushion seat your back side won’t go numb. This saddle stool is great for all heights, two foot-rest options your legs will stay comfy whether you’re tall, average or fun sized. The sturdy wood construction of this bar stool will hold up to 250-lbs. Whether you have a modern, rustic or contemporary design a minimalist style will always add the right complement. A perfect extra seat for small apartments or homes when you hang with friends.
NO SCRATCHED FLOORS ON OUR WATCH. We have included 4 self-adhesive circular furniture pads for the bottom of each stool leg to make sure your bar stools don’t scratch your kitchen floors. If you need a set of 4 barstools, that is a lot of floor to protect. We’re not the type of company that wouldn’t include batteries. #gotyourback #fullpackage
EASY 15-MINUTE ASSEMBLY that your grandparents can handle. Our easy to assemble design is made to ensure that anybody can put together these wood stools. By following our simple instruction sheet you could choose turbo mode and have a bar stool ready to use in as little as 8 minutes, that means a bar stools set of 2 can be finished in under 20 minutes!